How to tame a Gacha Ark Survival Evolved easy

I’m finally finding time to give some information on the latest map/dlc that I’ve collected over the week that it’s been out. Its the best map I’ve played since vanilla. This post is going to explain the taming process of this most needed resource tame. How to tame a Gacha Ark Survival Evolved easy.

UPDATE: Use War Maps for Gacha food to give them increase chance to drop something good and faster.


They are found underground in the Sunken forest. I find it easier to find them where I set up base. Of course we are plagued with dlc issues on the spawn rate of these guys, but you need to know that if the server is high player count, the spawn rate is slowed. (Patch is out to fix spawns) Once you find one of these guys, you can tame it with almost anything. When I was a newbie I tamed my with just making cloth hats.. Took forever, but it worked.

How to Tame a Gacha

Basically its all about giving him everything by throwing it out in front of him so he/she can eat it. They will sit still and eat everything you throw on the ground. The best way to tame them is to throw stone in 100 stack size. They tame fast this way and easy to do. Problem is when your a newbie its hard to do that. So pick fiber and make hats. Took me thousands of hats to do it as a newbie, but it worked. There kibble is metal structures and Snow owl pellets. If you want them perfect tame. I have a low level that gives me 180 elemental dust. Very rare, so level doesn’t really matter for these guys. Maybe the item they give can be better. I get a lot more higher grade armor from the higher levels. I got a flak asc gloves with 1000 armor rating recently. Maybe a glitch, but there cool.

Update! : 12/20 – If the wild Gacha doesn’t eat, it means his health is to low or there is another tamed gacha around. Snow owl will fix the gacha by healing it.

Step guide How to Tame a Gacha

1: Prepare

Get stone or snow pellets ready.

2. Find a Gacha

The spawn is a bit broke, but they spawn, check the top pillars and side of mountains

3. Kill spawn near it –

You don’t want something attacking your Gacha while taming.

4. Throw the items directly in front of the gacha. Easy left trigger.

5. He will tame fast with stone and Owl pellets.

What do Gacha’s do?

When you tame the gacha, you will be able to set its material you want to get from them, when they drop their crystals. They will drop them if you feed them stone or Snow owl pellets in their inventory. Gacha’s are all different, some give oil, metal, flint, elemental dust (RARE) Black pearls and more. You can view what they give you in the options of the Gacha. I’ve collected over 1k of elemental dust in 30 minutes from these guys… only with snow pellets though. If you put the Gacha on wander, they collect eggs and poop.

How to make the Gacha more efficient

You need to place them throughout the base in mate pairs. DO not put them close to other pairs. They drop more being away from other pairs or Gacha’s. Feed them snow owl pellets to increase their drop rate.

UPDATE Add war maps to give fast production – When you have them idle or producing add a snow owl in front of them. So they can collect there snow owl pellets.

How to tame a gacha

What do you level in a Gacha?

You will need to level their crafting skill. Nothing else but that, unless you use them for gathering. They are good pack mules.

What do Gacha’s gather!

They gather, stone, wood, thatch, fiber, and Flint. They get decent amount of stone and flint. Wood more then thatch. Their good for basic building, but nothing compared to Rhino for thatch, Doedic for stone and a Mammoth for wood. They do not harvest elemental dust from lamps or anything, they are also good at collecting corrupted nodes.

Know Issues for the Gacha?

  1. They were all fixed today – 11/20/2018
  2. Saddles were broke (FIXED)
  3. punching the gacha made them eat faster (FIXED)
  4. Higher quality items… reduced.
  5.  Since the Saddle is under the body of the gacha, you will drown in pools of water and often get stuck inside the tame.
  6. Gachas stop producing (FIX Cryopod them and release)

We have over 15 gacha’s now they keep us supplied with most of the latest resources. UPDATED Cryofridge full of Gachas lol)


How to raise a baby gacha! 

Baby gacha’s eat berries. You may need to force feed them before they die. They may also have issues eating out of the trough. Try to cryo them and release. It may or may not work. Remember you can cryo babies now! If you got to sleep, do it. Its the best thing ark came out with recently.

Hope you liked our post on How to Tame a Gacha, we will be doing more information on the new dlc soon.

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