How to raise a Baby Wyvern Solo on Ark Survival Evolved





Update! 7/10/2017. I’ll be updating this page to have the correct times for Wyvern milk feedings, they change the intake for the milk, so they need it more. I will be raising Frost Wyverns when Ragnarok hits X box one on the 19th. The date may change as we all know ark changes. We will also have a new post on the Frost Wyvern.

Before we start, make sure you are Prepared to make the current preparations and time to raise the Baby Wyvern. Overall it’s not a hard thing to do to raise a baby Wyvern. It’s the imprinting that is the hard part and to make sure you raise a high level egg and not a low level one due to the starving and more milk being needed..

You can no longer transfer milk due to the upload timers. You can but you have to transfer your character and know when the timers are at.

Here is a list of things you need to do before you even think about raising one.

If you have any questions, please comment below.


Tranq DARTS – (Cheap Tranq arrows) 

You will need a countless supply of tranq arrows and crossbows. I went through a total of 500 arrows (rough estimate) during the entire time of the raising of 2 babies.

A Wyvern TRAP


You will need to make a trap. Easy to make, you can look it up on Youtube. Here is my trap below. You can make it in the Desert or on the mountains. It will be better if you make one in the desert  near the scar, so you can set up a decent base with power and you won’t Kite over peoples bases..

I only use the trap and never killed an Alpha. Our server is a bit full all the time and people don’t share..


A BASE with power in the Desert. 

Some things you should consider doing and having at your base.

Multiple Generators and Wind Turbines


Water – Hard to get – But build near a water well. Tame a Morellatops for water. You can also builtwater reservoirs to trap rain over time.


UPDATE 11/6/2017

Griffins and wyverns are the best wyverns milking trappers now. You will need to make a trap that’s suitable to a griffin or wyvern.

Updated design for a Griffin and ptera milking trap.

You can still trap with a ptera, I’ve done it before, but you might lose it to a lighting wyvern…. So pull Poisons only. You will need to pull close as well.

 – Jerboa as well.  (UP COMING UPDATE) PATCH 256 will bring a lot of NERFS to flying tames. SPEED WILL BE EFFECTED! PC WAS ALREADY updated to this patch. Link to patch notes here. PATCH 256 

I will be updating this guide for the new flyer changes. You will need a turret toward to help kill the wyverns you have following you if you use a ptera. You can no longer outrun Wild wyverns. Build a turret toward next to scar. If you are on PVP this might be hard, because you will kill other people, but it is what it is.

You will need Jerboa to tell you the weather. It sucks trying to trap a wyvern in a sand storm. It’s impossible to live if you get caught in a sandstorm, because other dinos/wyverns don’t get effected by the sandstorm.



Supplies you will need during the milking.

  • Extra Crossbows – More damage the less Tranq darts you will use.
  • Mortor and pastel for making salt preserves for each Wyvern feeding.
  • Salt
  • Sulfur
  • Narcotics for making arrows.
  • Arrows
  • Mushrooms for food…(doesn’t spoil)
  • Auto Turret Bullets
  • Extra Electrical components
  • Gear – Ghille is easy to make in the desert. Plenty of Mantis to kill for poly. (desert clothes as well)
  • Spark Powder



Due to flyer tame nerf, I need to update some sections due to speed of our newly stat tames.. It’s going to be a lot more harder to get eggs now and get milk by trapping wyverns. This means you need to set up a base near the scar… You will need auto turrets and a lot of bullets. Wyverns are easily taken down with Auto Turrets and I hate to say it, you will need to make auto turret bullets every time you go searching for eggs. If you have a wyvern, you can easily get eggs, but some people have been having issues with the wild Wyverns being more faster. So beware. This method seems to be the more legit way, but cost efficient. I do this now due to my ptera lacking speed. I haven’t a clue why Wildcard did the nerf, but it hit Wyvern breeding a lot harder then PVP balance.

The Scar is very dangerous… A lot of drama on my server,  I try to be quiet and never be seen. So when you go for eggs always eat them, BUT only eat them after you fly away and dodge the Wyverns. Do not go towards the desert, go towards the mountains and use the terrain to your advantage. Do not drop them, you will stop the next egg spawns. (Don’t eat them until you are cleared and you are safe) Everytime you grab an egg, you will need to lead them into your auto turrets!

You will find many low level eggs. If you do not see any eggs or wyverns, you will need to leave the scar and come back. Once you get your high level egg, it will be time to hatch it.



If you do it on Scorch, then you will need Air conditioners or Standing torches. I have 15 airs for Giga raising.

If you are on Scorch, you will need 6 to 7 Standing torches and tons of spark powder. The egg needs to say incubating in order for the time to go down.

Incubation time for a Wyvern egg is 4 hrs and 59 minutes.

NEXT The Baby is born!

Now you have about 3 hours or more to get milk. As long as you are hatching a High Level egg. Do not go for lower then 130. The milk times are quick and you are wasting your time. If you want to know the exact time to give your baby milk, you need to do the follow.

Baby Wyverns do not eat meat until they are fully grown, so you have to feed them Wyvern milk until they grow into the adult.

Say the food is currently at 1500. Times it by 10. So you have 90000. Divide it by 60 – Then divide it again by 60.  4.16 hours.

So remember… Current food, X 10 – Then divided by 60, then 60 again. The amount you get in the calculator will be the amount of hours  you have before you need to get milk. I always got milk when they got down to 900 food, because I was transferring milk to island.


Video of my Trap!

UPDATED Flyer NERF – No longer can use ptera’s to trap Wyverns, unless you are very close to the Scar. Its going to be more tough to milk without a Wyvern, but it is what it is. You should only trap Poision Wyverns now if you use a Ptera, they bite and have horrible range. Gas mask would be a good idea to use. I use a Ptera for all my trapping…

You can milk one Wyvern female 2 or 3 times. You will have to wait 1 hour for it to refill. DO not kill the female wyvern, they do not give milk when dead. You have to tranq it and quickly grab milk, before it wakes up. Always keep persevering salts in your inventory and in your tame. If you are transferring milk to another server, add persevering salts to the upload before the milk. If you are not going to move the milk to another server, have the preserving bin ready for the milk. It will hold for 2 hours.

TIP!!! Do not trap Lightning wyverns.. If you do, be careful, their range is long.

As for the trapping process, this is the hard part..

Things to consider checking before doing this.

The weather:

Always take a Jerboa, you do not want to be trapped in a storm.

Do you have preserving salts?

Make two stacks to put in your inventory and your bird.

Do you have the spark powder in the preserving bin for the milk and salts?

Do you have tranqs on your body? 

A decent bow or crossbow is needed.

Is your gate open on your trap?

Make sure your tames are on PASSIVE.


After you go through this check list, get ready to search the scar for a female. I like dragging poison wyverns because they have horrible aim. As for fire, it depends if you built next to your trap…

Being next to the scar you won’t have troubles finding a female. Unless there is a lot of people raising wyverns or the server is full. You will need to argo the Wyvern to your cage. You also have to make sure the you go straight into your trap. Don’t go to the side or you wont be able to trap it. They do not make sharp turns. Once trapped, you will need to get your Tame away from wyvern.

If you plan on milking the Wyvern more then once, you need to close the door to the trap. Start tranqing the beast and get it’s milk.



The Imprinting is up to you! They more then likely will need to be walked or need milk for imprinting. Buying a wyvern is fine, but nothing is better then the Tame bond bonus. Raising them by yourself isn’t hard. I didn’t lose much sleep, besides the imprinting times every 3 -3 1.2 hours and that is up to you. I didn’t do a full 100% imprinting and my Poison is awesome.

I hope this guide helps you. I learned this by myself. The only thing I learned from ark Wiki and others is how to time the milk feedings…



You can no longer hatch or raise wyverns on center or island maps anymore! The upload timers will spoil your milk before its ready. Some people say you can, but you have little time to transfer and give milk to babies. Once out of the Female wyvern, you have roughly 30 minutes to wait on the timer.


Good luck and if you have questions or need help, let me know.