Ark Survival Evolve Tek Stego’s and new Corrupted Boots – Extinction Chronicles II

Ark Survival Evolve Extinction Chronicles II

What is in store for us this month with arks next extinction Chronicles? Ark Survival Evolve Extinction Chronicles II is going to introduce the new Tek Stego! I’m not a fan of the stego, but I’m sure he will be more powerful then regular stegos. Being a long time player of ark and knowing what people like to breed on this current game.. It’s not stego’s. There is a update for ark on all platforms.

However, I’m down for the next skin for the corrupted boots..  We also get new color’s on some dino’s (Event Colors). Purple, Blue, grey and Black. Of course grey is the normal color for most dino’s. It feels that they are just releasing the dino’s that have skins that you can purchase on their store for $1.00. I haven’t a clue why they would do that…. I was hoping for Tek Giga’s or tapas or something other then the stego. Disappointed for the tek Dino. I can dig those boots and event colors though.

I’m eager to see next month, when we get into Extinction Chronicles III.


A link to their community crunch..

Extinction Chronicles II
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