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Ragnarok on Consoles has been pushed back! Ark Survival Evolved

Ragnarok on Consoles has been pushed back! Is this a good thing?

I have no problem with the push back for Ragnarok, in fact they can take their time. The center map was broken all the time when it first came out. So many problems on the PC when Ragnarok came out that it plagued the gaming community with many problems. They even had a roll back for the issue it caused. We all strive for more and want more, but sometimes waiting for it is the best thing to do. I’ve been a beta tester for many games and I’ll tell you Wildcard has this beta turning into an Alpha test. I understand it’s not a free to play model and it’s not making any money other then collector editions and the main game. Not including the DLC.

Pushing back Ragnarok is the best idea I’ve heard them say in a long time. In fact they took a very professional approach to tell everyone. You can read their post here .

I rather them not render the game unplayable when they launch the new map, because I want to play the map worry free and bring my good tames to the server without losing them to a roll back. We all want a Griffin and explore the caves, but sometimes waiting for a full playable map is worth it. I don’t think you remember the center maps bugs and crashes? It’s stable now, but there was so many exploits and glitches. The underwater crash and memory leaks caused this map to be almost unplayable or underwater drops unattainable.

Also the PS4 update is still being pushed around, but they say it will be coming around this week.

XBox is getting a small update today or tomorrow.


PC is suppose to get their patch today.

Other then that same old ark and much to do. Follow us on Facebook, Youtube and of course here!



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