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How to use the Camera on Ark Survival Evolve

How to use the Camera on Ark Survival Evolve

Basically, wiki page doesn’t explain the entire process or how to work the Camera for the X box one. So I wanted to tell everyone how it works. You will need the following to make the camera and to get it to work.

Materials to make the camera

  • Required level 50
  • Smithy
  • 80 Wood
  • 30 Hide
  • 240 Crystal
  • 80 Black Pearls!
  • 100 Sap
  • 150 Obsidian
  • 140 metal Ingots

Other materials needed

  • Paint brush
  • Paint (All paints colors – Industrial cooker helps)
  • Canvas

It’s quite pricey with needing 80 black pearls. The normal newbie or starting out tribe wont be able to be getting this camera made until later in the game when it has a water mount that can kill Alpha mosa’s and squids. The camera also has a durability, so once used it needs repaired after so many uses. Its basically pointless to have, but sure does make a metal base look great.

How do you use the camera ark?

Put the camera in your inventory and use the item. You will be able to aim the camera and take a picture. After taking the picture, you will now need to have all the required paint in your inventory. You will now need to place your canvas in the desired spot. Once this is done, take your paint brush and hit the canvas. Once you are in the menu, go to load painting at the top. It will be a picture of a paint brush. Once there their will be files of your recent pictures. Each picture will need a certain amount of paint. After loading the picture, it will take time for it to load to the canvas.

Now you can see your results on the canvas and you got your first picture. Its not vivid or colorful, but its pretty awesome.

Pictures of some of the ones I took.


How to use the Camera on Ark Survival Evolve

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