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How to Tame A Vulture in Ark

How to Tame a Vulture in Ark!

Easy as cake.. The only problem is finding a place that’s safe so you can follow the vulture around so he won’t attack you when something dies around the area. They can be easily messed up by other players killing nearby creatures. They like eating dead, so they attack those that eat their food. I had a 140 almost tamed and a newbie killed a water bug nearby, it attacked me and reset the taming bar.

Watch this 15 second video to see How to Tame a Vulture in Ark!. You will not need bug repellent. Very easy to tame…

Spoil meat must be in the last slot to tame.


After watching the 15 sec video, you will notice it was a walk in the park. It is, but not around dangerous spawn which is all over the map for Scorch.

So what can a Vulture do? They are a good fridge… You can’t add meat to the inventory, because they eat rotten meat. They allow prime to last for over 40 mins in the inventory of the vulture. You will need to put the vulture on Neutral and allow the tame to eat the bodies to obtain the prime and meat for it to be stored. He/she is a moblie fridge for scorch.  That’s why you need to tame one of these guys!

How to Tame a Vulture in Ark! Pictures.

How to Tame a Vulture in Ark

They also good in a pack. You need prime, you can gather prime by having them follow you and having them attack your target. They will collect the meat/prime for you as you kill. They are very slow and can be a pain in the butt to have follow you, but they are the best way to collect prime for your Prime jerky farm.


If you have any questions on How to Tame a Vulture in Ark, let me know below.

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