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How To Tame 

How to Tame a Rock Golem

How To Tame a Rock Golem

Rock Golems take a special way of knocking them out. This video below can help you get a better idea on how exactly you are suppose to take out the Rock Golem.

There is much more to do before knocking out the Rock Golem/element. You need to find an area that can trap the Rock Element. You will need the following below.

Method One (Like the video)

  • Pillars (STONE for low level’s…) Metal for High level’s
  • Cannon and Ammo – 600 metal and a lot of CP…
  • A Tame Paraceratherium— Cross server transfers are open, so now it’s easier to do or try a Quetzal.
  • Platform saddle must be used to put cannon on the back.
  • Arrows or someone on a Tamed bird to Argo the Rock Element to the pillars. (Example in video.)
  • Preferred Kibble Mantis – SLOW torpor, so not many narcotics needed.  Go to Dododex for more detail information on level and how much sulfer or Mantis kib you will need to tame.

I’ve tamed many without pillars, but you have to run them into a hill or rock to get it to work. The Pillars will stop the Rock element from hitting you full force. He will still throw rocks at you, beware he can still kill you.

Basically all you do is make a line of pillars that trap him from going forward. Image below!

Rip To the Ptera in this picture. Later in the day while searching for eggs.. I got DC’ed and it died.. along side my trusty pal Zombi the Jerboa.. RIP


You will then need to make them 2 high. Aiming the Cannon won’t be easy, so bring more ammo then the recommend knockout. These guys have very slow Torpor, so it’s an easy tame. Keeping them safe is the only issue.

Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions about How to Tame a Rock Golem.


How to Tame a Rock Golem
How to Tame a Rock Golem
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