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How To Tame a pteranodon (Level 1-105 guide)

How To Tame a pteranodon (Level 1-105 guide)

Pteranodon are quite useful for starting out players and later in the game ultimate war birds that make everyone always watch the skies. The new nerf coming out will effect their speed and their ability to spin attack constantly. So how do you tame a Pteranodon at a low level? My first ptera was tamed against a rock and he couldn’t fly away. Of course it took hour’s to tame. The taming times are much different now. Pteranodons are not able to be ridden until the saddle can be unlocked at level 35. So you have plenty of time to prepare. So here is my short guide to taming this air beast.

What you will need..

  • Club (tranq arrows)
  • Bola (Whats a bola? It’s something you will hate in PVP…. It will stop the ptera from flying away for a few seconds so you can knock it out..)
  • Bow or cross bow.. LOW damage.. these guys die easy.
  • Narco’s
  • For higher levels (1 tranq dart or Bio-toxin dart will knock him out without a bola.)
  • Dodo Kibble

Once you find the appropriate level you want to tame, you will need to bola the Ptera. Once you bola the Ptera, you will need knock him out. I have high melee on most my characters so knocking him out with a club is easy, but if you have low melee, don’t try.  If you are kibble taming a max, use a tranq dart with a long neck rifle to avoid over hitting the Ptera.

The preferred kibble for the Ptera is Dodo Kibble, which is easy to obtain. Rockarrot is the only issue you may have with making the kibble. It’s easy to grow Rockarrot.

Once tamed, you will be able to use this guy in war. I’ve done some damage to Wyverns and more with my ptera.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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