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How To Tame a Plesiosaur NEWBIE Guide

How To Tame a Plesiosaur NEWBIE Guide

The Plesiosuar is the quetzal of the sea! They will have the same breeding times as a quetzal, when Patch 256 comes out. They are quite useful, but their nothing compared to a High level Mosa. So how do you tame a Plesiosuar without being eaten alive? It’s quite easy. In fact the only issue you may have is that there will be 2, instead of 1. I have two max tame Plesiosaurs. Both tamed the way I will explain to you below.

What you will need.

  • Tranq arrows, you will need more then 100.
  • High level Cross bow.
  • Narcotics
  • Extra Scuba Gear
  • Water tame needed.
  • Rex Kibble

There are two ways to tame a Plesiosaur.

Method 1: The cave method

You will need a water tame that can fit in a cave. Ichy or a Shark. I used a Angler for my first Plesiosaur. This method is the hard method. The center doesn’t have many caves, so method two will be more helpful.

You will need to kite the Plesiosaur to the cave and knock him out from the cave entrance. They can’t fit in the cave, so you should be safe. However, this is ark and glitches do happen. I have seen Plesiosaur’s get stuck in underwater caves.  There may be two Plesiosaur, so killing the other one maybe needed or get them away from each other.

Once you start knocking out the underwater beast with tranq arrows, he will run away for a minute and come back, once he gets almost knocked out.

Their kibble is Rex kibble.

Taming them is easy, you just need to keep other Anglers and sharks off them. Now you have to worry about Jelly fish, squids and other new underwater tames.

METHOD 2: The water line method

This method is easy compared to kiting the tame to a cave. Plesiosaur cannot go beyond a certain point underwater. You will need to use this line to your advantage. Once you find the Plesiosaur you want, you will need to kill the other Plesiosaur or get them to separated. You don’t want the other one killing the other after you knock it out. I usually knock both out, but start with the one I don’t want. Then kill it after both are done.

Basically, you knock on the Plesiosaur using this line. Once he goes back down, you drag him back up and keep shooting him. Beware, you will need a tame to regain stamina once in a while, even with full gear one. If you are on a primal server, I feel your pain. Chowder is good for the soul… It will be more of a harder task if you are on a primal server.

I usually drag the Plesiosaur to the boarder line to knock him out. It’s easier to keep spawn away from the tame when its down.

Once you tame one of these guys, put a lot of melee in them and health. I have my Plesiosaur with 500 melee and it rocks.


Let me know if you have any questions! I am always open for helping other ark players!


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