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How to Tame a Giga (Giganotosaurus)

How to Tame a Giga (Giganotosaurus)

Taming a Giga (Giganotosaurus) isn’t that hard, it’s all about the location and if you are using a good Crossbow or Tranq darts. Raised Gigas are so much better, but taming your first female and male is needed for your Giga generations to start, unless you buy a egg from someone. You can tame a Giga in a metal cage or in the air with a Quetz. A metal cage can be tricky and cost efficient, but its the best method.

Metal Cage Method –

Location is important for metal cages, you need to know your Giga Spawns.

Locations for Island map

If you are on the island, there are 3 places they spawn.

Location 1: Metal mountain, on the north west. They like black sands and commonly go into their when they spawn.

Location 2: The middle mountain across from volcano and red woods. Near the center cave!

Location 3: The snow mountain, before blue. The Mountain that has the most metal. Located on the east before the blue obelisk.

I made a Giga catcher on the outside of the north east mountain. The Giga Catcher is made of Dino Metal gates and one metal Behemoth gate for the main entrance. As shown in the picture above. You can fill in the gates for other tames that like to spawn there, such as Spinos and Rexes.

You can use stone for catching Giga’s, but a high level giga will take 5 minutes or less chew his way out. So you better have more then one person knocking out the Giga if you plan on using Stone for your material.

If you are on the Center map ; You will need to make you a Giga Catcher on Lava Island. Giga’s are more common on Lava and near Skull island. Sometimes you can find them near green obelisk on the west mountain.

If you plan on knocking a Giga out on a Quetz, you should know the following.

  • They will run after being hit so many times with darts or tranq’s.
  • DO not shoot your quetzal…
  • When the Giga is down, make sure you knock him out with 100 Narcotics bowls. They have fast torpor. Your quetz will become food if the Giga wakes up…

Here is a video of me Knocking out a glitch giga, but you get the idea.



Once the giga is down, you will need to get to him right away or he will wake up. You will find it’s torpor to be very fast. What I do I take 100 narcotic bowls and feed it to him right away. You will have about 5 to 8 minutes without having to feed him more.

Always have someone in the inventory of the giga. Once the 100 narcotic bowls run out and you see him dropping, automatically feed him 100 more. Always starve tame giga’s. If you have him in a trap, he will keep his starve tame and won’t have a reset, all you have to do is knock him out again. I tame many Dino’s without narcotics by starve taming them and allowing them to wake up, then knock them out again.

The only problem with Giga’s they like to go for water… That’s why I made a trap. Giga’s will drown themselves instead of being tamed. Image below…


I hope you liked our taming giga guide and their will be more to come soon.

If you have any questions, please comment below!

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