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How to Tame a Direbear without killing it

How to Tame a Direbear without killing it…

Taming a direbear isn’t as easy as you think, they can easily die with using tranq arrows. Tranq darts and shocking darts are the method of making this taming process easier. However, primitive plus and other primitive game modes have to use tranq arrows don’t have it easy. It can still be done with tranq arrows, you just need to watch their health. Magnifying glass helps you monitor the health of the direbear and the torpor. I will explain more below.

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What you will need…

How to tame a Direbear

Trap it!

Next, you need to make a stone gateway trap. We have many outside our base to trap them on boat, or on land, you just need a queztal to drop them off. PVE, you can’t pick up wild. You will have to trap it. Once trapped, you can knock it out. I use a boat on the island to trap Direbear bears or make a mobile set up on land. 4 dino gateways work perfect. Stone is preferred.


Knocking it out without killing the Direbear.

Some reason these guys take more tranqs to put down, so it’s easy to kill them with a crossbow. Using tranq darts and shocking darts is the ideal method of taking this tame down. Once shooting the Direbear, you will notice when he is about to fall, because they run. Check the health of the Direbear and make sure you can knock him out the rest of the way. They have moderate torpor and will be an easy tame, unless a newbie decides to gnaw on its ear.


Tranq arrow Tips

You will kill this tame with tranq arrows if you don’t have a magnifying glass. You will notice the direbear will get really bloody, you will need to monitor health and watch how hard your crossbow hits them before proceeding. They will run and not hit you, unless you get in front of them. You will also get to see the torpor bar. With each hit, it will go up. You will have to monitor both health and torpor to get this tame down. Let the direbear heal up a few hits, before putting more tranq arrows in them. It will allow him to get more torpor and go down faster. I took down a 150 direbear with tranq arrows and it took a while, but it can be done with careful monitoring. Like the Penguin on primitive… Those are hard to tame without tranq darts.

It’s tamed now what!

Enjoy your fiber for days on end now and plenty of berries. Don’t forget they can get meat as well. They also do the center cave for the island perfectly, due to their weight and saddle armor. They are good at tanking and can take alpha carnos. Depending on your direbear. I have direbears that have 14k health and 500 melee. They are also good at carrying metal….




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