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How to kill a Deathworm Ark Survival evolved

How to kill Deathworms Ark Survival evolved

Deathworm horns are very important on Scorch. They are the only item in the game that can tame a mantis.  You can find a deathworm in the sand dunes on the outside areas of scorch. The are located all over the map, but mostly in the north west. I have my milk trap next to a deathworm spawn, so I get at least 1 deathworm horn a day.

How to kill a deathworm?

How to kill a Deathworm Ark Survival evolved
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It all depends on the level tame you have, saddle and skill. Deathworms hurt, but they are not hard to kill, it’s all about how much health your tame has.

My low level Giga can take one deathworm and be down to 10k health from 17k. I’m sure even a Direbear with over 10k health can kill a deathworm as long as it has over 5 k health. My direbears always have over 400 melee and 8-10k health and a saddle with 76 armor.

Wiki say’s a Rex with more then 10k health and good melee can take a Deathworm.

To get a better idea of how they are, watch the video below or my low level giga killing a deathworm.


Bowinkle was down to 10k health and he has horrible melee.. 26% melee. My 150 giga with 274% melee would kill this with a few bites… Wyverns also do a better job with killing Deathworm, because all they have to do is ARGO the Deathworm, so it will come out o the ground, back up and use it’s fire, lightning or poison to kill the deathworm. They don’t move once they come out of the ground. It’s also an easy way to kill an Alpha Deathworm.

Stay tune to more tips!


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