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How to Find the New Under Water Cave for the Artifact of the Brute

Where to find the New Under Water Cave for the Artifact of the Brute?

The Artifact of the brute cave contains red and yellow engram drops that contain some really awesome loot. Like the BP below…. Never seen one like it before. Even a Tapejara saddle BP.


How do I get to the Under water cave?


Here is the location to the New Under water cave for the Artifact of the Brute.


You will notice large amount of seaweed in the area. The cave entrance looks like this.

Artifact Of The Brute

Are you able to go in this cave with a low level water mount?

Yes, and no, depends on what Water mount you use. I use a 150 plesiosaur and have no issues with this cave. The only issue is with the Jelly fish… Always keep your tame on Neutral in the cave, to make sure they kill the jelly after being knocked off the tame. A Mosasaur has better range and attack. So they are more ideal to go in this cave. If you have a shark with high HP and good melee, you should be fine. There are level 200 sharks and mantas… So go


Here is an image of the Artifact of the Brute.

I will video the new cave soon and update the post to have the video on the bottom. Should be doing it tonight, unless I’m hatching my Allo’s again.

Thank you for reading this post, hope it helped you find the new underwater cave. Some advice, do not go in the other cave, unless you are ready and have high level mounts. The Angler fish, Manta’s, Squids and more are harder.. I have a 150 Plesy, and it almost didn’t make it out. 500 melee and 10k health…




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