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How to find the megalosaurus on the Island Map (Updated)

How to find the megalosaurus on the Island Map Updated 6/16/2017

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UPDATE 6/16/2017 Fixed, they are now in the center cave, and the one in the lower south.

Being a long time ark player on PC, ps4 and X box one, I’ll tell you finding these guys became a challenge. However, it’s because cave has issues with spawn falling below the map. The current server I’m on has an issue with the Megalosaurus falling through the map or not spawning. NET to stop spawn from falling in ground was applied, nothing should fall through anymore after last update…

So now I’m going to help you on How to find the megalosaurus on the Island

The volcano cave (Nicknamed the Chitin cave)

The southern Cave 80/53

Image here. Center cave… 41.5/46.9

How to find the megalosaurus on the Island

You should bring weapons/guns if you are going on foot. I use my Sabertooth (Dire BEAR is the best!) to get some Chitin, while I’m there. Clear the cave all the way up to the artifact. You will find him/her in the center before the pool, to the left of the artifact.


The image below is the guy you want to tame!

How to find the megalosaurus on the Island

Taming this guy is going to be easy, people make it more complicated then it is. He will need to be starve tamed! He will wake up at night. Make sure you use tranq darts and starve time him.

Here is an image of me taming this guy.

How to tame the megalosaurus.

What you will need to tame the megalosaurus.

  • No Narcotics needed
  • Tranq darts preferred
  • Oviraptor kibble
  • Sleeping bags

The megalosaurus can be tranq during the day or night. Some people say if you tranq it at the day time the stat’s will be lowered. I do not know if this is true. I used my direbear as a tank to tranq the megalosaurus. Once down, you will need to starve tame it. Do not put the kibble in the tame because it will wake up during the night transition. Night time starts at 20:20 and the day starts at 5:12. You will need to put him back down after he wakes up at night. If you are kibble taming this tame, you will need to knock him out 2 times.

What is the megalosaurus good for?

They are good at pvp only at night. They can pick people up and carry them. They also can carry flyers up to an Argent and pick up land tames. They are useful only at night, but during the daytime they are useless and fall asleep.

Breeding tips – 

As a baby they will eat less in the day, but eat to much at night. You will need a lot of food for these babies. For direct times for breeding and baby times, here is the dododex link.

If you have any questions please let me know in the comments.



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