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How to find the Megalosaurus on Scorch Earth DLC

How to find the Megalosaurus on Scorch Earth DLC

Listen up, if you are trying to find this guy on the Island and can’t find him, you will need to go Scorch. There is much better chance of a high level Megalosaurus in the cave, plus there is 3-4 spawned at once. I tamed 3 this weekend during the 1.5 xp.. You will need to following.

  • Direbear or Saber/dire wolf (prefer Direbear for armor and high health + AOE attack.)
  • Wyvern or Argy (depends on the tame you want to bring.. to drop them off at the cave.. Hard to run on foot.. done it to many times.
  • Tran darts… for higher levels.
  • NO Narco’s needed.
  • Food for yourself.
  • Gillie suits – Hot cave.
  • Kibble – Easier then prime taming…

How to find the Megalosaurus on Scorch Earth DLC

The location of the Cave of the Tyrants is near blue ob. Shown in the picture below.

How to find the Megalosaurus on Scorch Earth DLC

The cave entrance more then likely will have thousands of sleeping bags outside it, depending if it’s PVE.

When you go into the cave, you will find Rumble Golems, Dire wolves, Spiders, Scorpions, and Mantis. Rumble golems will be tough for Sabers and Dire wolves, avoid them at all cost.

As for the dire bear, if it’s a beast (High HP or Melee), you can kill them as long as you heal and have a good saddle. Video below of me taking out a level 5. Me and my daughter took out a lvl 45 with two dire bears afterwords.

You will have to go through the cave to the end to find the Megalosaurus. The cave isn’t to long, but spawn can be everywhere. Once you cross the water, you will find there is a last room with bones everywhere. You should find 3 megalosaurus. Try to do this during the day, so you can kill the ones, you don’t want. They are tough to kill, beware. They don’t hit hard, but they have alot of health.

Some images of the cave.

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Here is my method of taking a Megalosaurus down. Longneck rifle and Darts preferred. Biotoxian darts as well.

I hope this post is useful, if you have any questions, let me know! Make sure you join our facebook for the latest memes.

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