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ARK Survival Evolved Which Wyvern Type is Better?

ARK Survival Evolved Which Wyvern Type is Better?

UPDATED – 11/6/2017 – Frost Wyvern would be before Fire now!

Wyverns can be very useful for prime runs and much more. They can be a game changer. However, I still love my giga’s because they have armor. There are 3 different types of Wyverns you can raise, Lightning, Fire and Poison. Each type has its special ability and it has it’s certain strategic method to killing dinos or players. We all know that you have to raise a Wyvern to be able to obtain one on any server.  You can read our Breeding tips here.  So which Which Wyvern Type is Better?

Poison Wyvern!  

The poison Wyvern is a good melee dragon. All my poison Wyverns have more then 400 melee. They seem to do better with their bite, rather then their special poison attack. To aim the special attack is almost impossible. Maybe future fixes will make this guy much better, but he is only good if he hits the target with the poison or with his bite. The Poison is a damage over time (DOT) attack as long as they stay within the area of the poison. If the rider is in the poison damage area, you will be killed. A gas mask is needed to use the special ability while be up close any enemy you are fighting. PVP these boys are good for artillery if they can hit the target. They have a good damage over time, but only if it hits it’s target.

Fire Wyvern!

My First wyvern… 100% imprint low level… After deathworm.



The Fire wyvern is good for its AOE fire, but short range. Unlike the poison Wyvern, they are better aim, but at short distances. They come in very awesome color’s like the rest. They deal damage with DOT as well, but its more direct and it doesn’t require the enemy to be in a cloud of poison. They have good melee, but they are better with their special ability. They are good at PVP to keep the heat on other enemy Giga’s.


Lightning Wyvern

Lightning Wyverns are my favorite and the reason for this is that they are perfect at their special ability. They have long range and easy aiming. They are the most ideal Wyvern for PVP and long range fighting. They are best at killing Giga’s and Titans. You can watch a video here of me killing one.  Just a small warning, don’t use the lightning and jump off your tame… Instant knock out and kill depending on your health. It’s a good way to kill yourself though lol. As for raising one of these, high level eggs are hard to find. 160 has been the highest I have found.


Frost Wyvern’s

When I first got this beauty.

I have a 175 hatched Frost wyvern (now 230) and its no different then a fire wyvern. Only difference is that it has slow damage. The slow damage will help you against alpha rexes, but that is all. Other then their awesome look, they are like a fire wyvern without the burn damage, just frost.



So lets rate the different types of Wyverns…

4. Fire Wyvern – Perfect aim up close – But less damage compared to the other 2. Fire Wyverns are better if you do melee to 400 and then work nothing but health.

3. Poison Wyvern – BAD aim, but when you hit the target deals major damage…They are perfect for killing tames from afar if you hit the target. Kills the rider and the tame fast.

2. Frost Wyvern – Perfect aim for close combat, less damage from lightning, but more then fire. Slows enemies, which comes in handy when fighting alphas.

1. Lightning Wyverns – PERFECT aim and overpowered damage with their lightning attack. They look the coolest and they are pretty much the best in PVP.

Many people say that the Poison Wyvern isn’t that good. They must have never had a high level or raised one. Both my 165 and 170 baby raised are the best besides my 160 Lightning. I like fire wyverns, but there good for killing mobs of dinos and nothing far away. Wyverns already have no Armor, so being hit by mobs hurt and that’s why I say Health is important to fire Wyverns.

I wish they would come out with more different types of wyverns, but that just leaves more room for PVP unbalance.


Hope everyone liked this post. What is the best type Wyvern in your book? Comment below!

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