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Ark Survival evolved – What Are the Benefits of Breeding Your Tames

Ark Survival evolved – What Are the Benefits of Breeding Your Tames –

Ark Survival evolve is more then taming, it’s all about raising the babies and working their stats to give you the ultimate being. Hatching/raising babies is no walk in the park, it takes time and dedication. The only problem with raising is the time it takes for the hand feeding. Although it’s a lot easier then you think.  What are the Benefits of Breeding Your Tames.

Benefits of Breeding Your Tames

Mutations – 

Mutations can be a pain and hard to get, so you need to hatch many babies at one time. You can get color mutations and stat mutations. You use to get bad stats with mutations, but the dev’s changed it. Now you get positive mutations and most of them are color. Here is some of my mutants.

Stats –

My baby Spinos always come out as 235 or more and have one mutation and this happened because it’s the 4th generation. That means I breed it with 3 other different spinos to get that far in the gene pool. The stats come out with anything over 366 melee and 6k health. I am working on my Rex line to have major health and moderate melee. So far it’s been successful with one mutation that’s yellow. However since its new, it doesn’t come out at a high level. The highest yellow Rex I have is 225 with 306 melee. Imprinting increases their stats to make them higher stats.

We have a 198 melee baby Giga that now has 348 melee…68% imprinting because I work and can’t be their every 3 hours, so you could imagine it over 400 melee.  This is unreal!


We also have a level 70 baby giga with 197 melee with only 4% imprint! Breeding a Giga at a lower level isn’t a bad idea if you have a high base melee giga as the parent. I hatched 2 giga’s from my 150 PT giga and got one 20% melee giga and the other was the 197%. So it doesn’t matter on the Giga’s level, just the stats.

Imprinting –

Imprinting is very important, because of the stat boost. Most gamers that play solo, won’t get full imprint unless they don’t sleep. You will need to walk, feed certain kibble or cuddle your baby every 3 -3 .5 hours. This isn’t hard, but it’s needed to get that extra stat boost. Make sure you have kibble. Dimetrodon and Demomorph is the hardest kibble you will have issues with.


After the baby is done and full grown, you can enjoy the 30% melee boost for those that raised it. Whoever imprinted the baby when it was young will have the stat boost. So are there Benefits of Breeding Your Tames, Yes. Its what ark is all about.


Some Tips

15 airs all in one area is needed for hatching a Giga. You will also need 5 fridges or more for babies. You will always need more meat so have a tame on standby, so you can get meat or stack the fridges before hatching.

Berry tames are much easier and last longer in inventory due to being 100 stacked and not 20 stacks like meat. The only difference most berry tames are not eggs and they have to be matured in the mothers stomach.

Before you go to bed, always stack the feeding bin 20 stacks for meat and 100 stacks for berries. If you are solo, this helps for 8 hours because the tames goes in a stasis that causes the tames to eat slow.. If you have a tribe it doesn’t go into stasis, so make sure you have them check the feed bins.


I will post breeding tips for Ark Survival Evolve in the next few days. Until then, enjoy the post!

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