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Ark Survival Evolved Scorch Earth DLC Newbie Survival Guide!

Ark Survival Evolved Scorch Earth DLC Newbie Survival Guide!

First off, I’m going to tell you if this is your first server (map) and the one you plan on playing, turn back now! There is many reasons not to play SE for your first server/map. I’m not saying it’s a bad DLC, but it’s a hard map to start on. The Kibble for most of the tames on SE are not even obtainable, unless you server transfer. In the past, before they had server transfers, you had to meat tame Argie’s and berry tame Doec’s and Anky’s. It was a difficult, because the only thing you had to fly with is a Argie to get Wyvern eggs. However, you have the Moth… Seriously have you seen a moth with tons of speed? Pretty fast, but worthless tame that needs fixed. It was suppose to give you silk, but never fixed. Here is my Scorch Earth DLC Newbie Survival Guide.

Starting out Zone – EASY Zone or NEAR RED (The Crack- big Canyon AREA)

If you are on PVP this zone will be packed and hostile. What you should consider when building in Scorch Earth.

Location is something you need to focus on. Easier said then done right? Well, starting out isn’t going to be easy and there are many area’s to build near the water. Some people like to build near the Obelisk, because they have water surrounding them. The best place to build is the desert, but you need to be a higher level before doing that. The Desert has 100% wind, so you don’t have to use a Generator for power. A wind turbine is all you need, but the problem with the desert is the Death Worms and Wyverns. Near the scar is where the Wyverns are and the other side of the word the Death Worms are more frequent, so you have to deal with Wyverns or Death Worms, choose wisely. Honestly, Wyverns are a bit easier, but Death Worms can be be blocked by Metal Pillars. The electrical Storm doesn’t effect auto turrets in the desert, so it’s the best place to build for PVP, however it does effect Fabricators.

Starting out as a newbie, you should build on top of something or near the crack on the west side of the map, near RED OB. There is a little mountain that has surfer, Salt, obsidian, Crystal and Metal that will be useful for building, it’s located near the Crack. Many people build in this area, due to it being easier to handle spawn.

When scorch first came out the spawn was horrible. The spawn was set to high and Terror birds were terribly annoying. You would spawn in dead and killed constantly. So many people got scared of the DLC when they first started. YOU will die in SE and starve a lot. You will need to place many beds and have canteens. Canteens do lose water over time. The map is just one @##@ hole.

Things to consider while building your base.

Build tall and wide and try to pillar the sides of your base. Metal is something to consider on PVP, but on PVE go with stone with metal pillars on the outside. You will have to insulate the inside with Adobe so you do not overheat. Wood, stone and metal will kill you within 1 minute of being inside the building. That sucks right? Yes, adobe is needed for all buildings to avoid heatstroke and loss of water. So when you build your base, plan on making it one wall taller, one ceiling extra and a double door. The easiest material to get as a newbie is stone and flint. You will find trees and thatch is hard to obtain, but when you tame a morellatops, they will help you with these materials.

You will need to make a small taming cage for your tames. If you are on PVP, they will die either way ( because most PVP servers have Alpha’s and don’t like new people). If you are on PVE, a normal stone building will be safe for your tame with pillars on the outside.

Newbie Survival Guide
Before I pillared all around the base.

Thing’s to make to help you survive the harsh environment. Desert gear works better then Gillie, but gillie helps you hide better. You won’t be able to obtain Organic poly, until you can take on a Mantis. So desert gear is the first thing you need to make. Boomerangs are the ideal newbie weapon and bola’s to help you from raptors and other small Dino’s.  During cold nights, you should make a set of hide armor and a torch. You will find torch engrams easier to obtain from white supply drops then other maps.

Once you build your starter base, it’s time to tame.

What you should tame first! Newbie Survival Guide

  1. Jerboa ( Tells you the weather. Needed to make sure you don’t get trapped in a sand storm)
  2. Morellatops
  3. Doedicurus
  4. Carno/REX/Direwolf (meat)
  5. Vulture
  6. ARGIE!
  7. Thorny Dragon
  8. Paracer (For Taming a Rock Elemental
  9. Rock Elemental


Why Tame a Jerboa?

Taming a Jerboa is easy and fast, you will find them everywhere and can knock them out with a club or by your first. Y plants are the kibble for this tame. Either way taming them is the first thing you should do. The weather changes a lot on SE and Sand storms suck.


Why Tame a Morellatops?

Morellatops are known as the water buffalo. You can drink from them and you can refill them by placing them in front of a lake/pond or water well/vain. You can get berries, Cactus sap (Needed to make clay and edible) Thatch and wood. There is a wood plant that the Morellatops can bushwhack to get wood from. It’s the one Tame that is needed on SE.

Go for a Mid level Morellatops, because it only takes a hour or more. They also can protect themselves. We will have taming guides soon, their easy to tame, you just need to know that they attack you if there is more then one around. 



Why Tame a Doedicurus?

Doedicurus can get you stone and sand. Sand is needed to make adobe buildings. You will need to tame one of these to make building easier on you. Kibble is obtainable through server transfer only. Doedicurus are everywhere and easy to knock out with a slingshot or boomarang. Once tamed, you will have the two assets you need to make adobe and stone base. The problem is you don’t unlock the Saddle for the Doedicurus until level 30. Leveling is your next objective, so get to building a bigger base! ADOBE gets damaged by almost everything, so stone is more ideal. Insulate the stone with adobe to make sure you don’t die inside from a heatstroke.







Why Tame a Carno, Dire Wolf, Sabertooth or REX on SE?

You will need something to get meat! A rex can be hard to find if you are not in the right location, but Sabertooth and Direwolfs are the easiest to find. Try going for a high level Sabertooth or Direwolf. Taming times are different, but they are great for getting meat. If you have a small base, go for a Savertooth, they have Armor/Saddle compared to Direwolves.


Why tame a Vulture?

Vultures are needed, because they are mobile fridges. Not as good as a Fridge, but they are perfect at prime preserving for taming on the go. Their easy to tame, because all they need is spoiled meat. 


Why Tame a Argentavis?

An Argentavis is one of the must have tames on SE. Now that you can server transfer, you a Ptera and Quetz is easy to get on the server, so they are not needed for established players. However, players that are new to the game, need an argentavis for many reasons. Metal runs, a pack mule and Wyvern trapping and egg finding. Argentavis that have more then 200% speed can out run a Wyvern.  When SE came out before server transfers, Argentavis were not able to be kibble tamed, so we all had to meat tame high level Argies….

Thorny Dragon

Why Tame a Thorny Dragon?

Taming a thorny dragon is like taming a Beaver. They are different from a beaver, because they can’t get berries and they half all items in their inventory. They are perfect for a pack mule and wood gathering. They eat meat, so they do tend to starve a lot. A high level Thorny dragon was the best method to make high level AC saddles BP that were not able to make in the normal smithy, due to space. Now that they have tech tier the replicator now makes everything.



Why Tame a Paracer?

They are a mobile rock element tamers. They also do what morellatops do, besides the water. They don’t do it as good, but they get berries, thatch, and wood. You will need one of these to tame a Rock Element with a cannon on your back. That’s if you don’t have a quetz transferred. 


Advance tames

  • Rock Elemental
  • Mantis
  • Megalosaurus
  • Raising Wyverns

These tames will be harder to obtain and will take more planning. You can read our post on taming a Megalosaurus here. A mantis will be harder and more annoying. Obtaining the Deathworm horns are the hardest part, plus making the bug repellent for taming it. You can watch this video on our level 5 Giga taking a deathworm.. Deathworms only drop 1 horn, unless it’s a Alpha. You can also read this post on Deathworms.

Raising Wyverns isn’t hard, but it takes time and prepping before you can do it. You can read the Guide here that I made about Solo Raising.

Here is a guide on how to tame a Rock Golem/elemental Taming.

Tips to Level Fast on SE

  • Make Narcotics (Once you tame the Morellatops this will be easy and killing things with the mid level is easy to make spoiled meat)
  • Kill everything
  • Play on a 1.5xp day.
  • Kill Alpha Death worm or Wyvern (advance with other wyverns)
  • Make a Grinder! (Once you make your desert base, grind everything you get from killing Mantis and more. Also Grinding stone and other things level you. Easy to do, all you need is gas!)

There are no Alpha Raptors or REXES on SE…

Once you build your base, the best thing to do is to think about what you need to do in the future. Once you reach the level you can make everything, it’s time to make another base in the Desert.


Why you should build in the desert? 

The desert has 100% wind and can be flat. You will also need a Wyvern milk trap if you plan on having Wyverns. Building near the Scar is going to be tough on PVP, but on PVE it’s easy if there is an open spot. It’s also an easy way to get Chitin and to make CP. The only problem is the lack of rocks, but if you go near mountains you can find them.


Things you need to know about SE

  • Avoid Rock Elements (they can’t be killed with normal tames.) You can kill them, but you need a Lightning wyvern with a Pillar trap (metal) You can also do the Thorny Dragon method, but that can be fixed at anytime. The method consist of using the Thorny Dragon to glitch them into the air, where they can’t attack.
  • Meat/Berries Spoil faster
  • Sandstorms blind you and take all stamina and increase water intake.
  • Water from a canteen can be chilled in the fridge, to make you cool.
  • Wyvern Eggs need to eaten to make others respawn.
  • Wyverns attack the Rider as well. (Lightning wyverns will knock you out!) (Fire wyverns catch the rider on fire!) (Poison Wyverns kill the rider with poison, unless you have gas mask.)
  • Red Supply Drops are for lvl 70, different from Island map
  • RED Supply drops are found in Desert LVL 80 required.
  • Electrical Storms will stop your Fabricator if you have items in the making and it will take the supplies without the items being made! (poly)
  • Rock Rumbles can be killed… Video HERE
  • Generators will damage over time.
  • If you build in two different places, make sure you visit them regularly or they will go demolish allowed. (PVE only) Wyvern Trap!
  • Wyvern Eggs once picked up makes them chase you!
  • Wyvern Milk is Glitched and can mess up if you don’t transfer correctly.
  • Rock Elemental’s health and stat’s decrease after tamed.
  • Mantis are the ultimate gathering machine.
  • PVP (MOST OB are blocked good luck transferring or trading.) PVE you should have no issues.

My Opinion on SE

Honestly, SE isn’t the greatest and it killed PVP. Wyverns should never have been in this game and only stay on SE. Even though a Pterra can own a Wyvern due to mobility, but it killed PVP. There a nice edition, but should have stayed in SE and not allowed server transfer. Lightning Wyverns are to OP.

SE is fun for the first few months, but only good as a transfer server. I transfer milk from my SE server only. I don’t really like being on there, only to tame things I want for my island server and center. It’s a poor designed map with way to many things that can affect your vision. When it first came out it was plagued by the swamp fever… If this is your first map, go to the island or Center. The center is bigger but more buggy. Still a good map and better to start on. However, remember if  you play PVP, not only do you need to worry about the Wild dino’s, you have to worry about raiders..

Hope this guide helps you learn a little about the Scorch Earth DLC. Let me know if you have any questions.

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