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ARK Survival Evolved leedsichthys How to Avoid this overpowered Boat killer!

ARK Survival Evolved Leedsichthys – Eats boats in 5 bites!

First off, this freaking fish is huge! Isn’t this suppose to be the size of the Mosa? I thought it was a glitched shark, until I seen the boat start rocking and the boats disappear! So my curiosity took place and got off my raft to look…. I was within almost render range of this thing and it started following me. I jumped on my raft and took off. I didn’t see it behind me, so I went back to see where it went… Never go back lol. As soon as it finished off the boat it started chasing me! They have a huge argo range. So how did I get away from this creep? I went to the shore and waited for it to mess with another boat!

ARK Survival Evolved leedsichthys

So what are these huge beast for? Their used for prime meat. If you keep one in a pen, you can cut meat off it and it will still stay alive. How the heck are you suppose to do that! Seems to me its another fish to worry about in the sea. I hate the Squids because of the mosa glitch, now we have to worry about a big fish eating us from the deep. Seems to me ark is getting its old feeling back. We need more scary land dinos, like the giga.. Something that stocks you and doesn’t kill you right away!

There are passive tames unless you are on a boat as they say. I will have to find out if they chase you while on your water tame.

There is an alpha version of this dino, but I can’t find any screenshots of them.

Here is short clip of me getting away, I wish it recorded more…. To get away from them, you will need to go to a shoreline they can’t enter, like a beached whale.

I will be making a cage for one of these for a prime station. I’ll show you my design soon!

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