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ARK Survival Evolved How to Tame a Roll Rat on Xbox One (Explained in more Details)

Aberration is now out and we are now learning the ropes of a new map. Slowly information is being updated on the internet. This post is to help you tame the new Roll Rat. What is the Roll Rat for Aberration? It’s the new tame that will help you get wood like crazy. There weight is a bit low, but they are pack horse ready to be leveled. The problem is the way you have to tame it can be glitchy on the xbox one. Basically, what you will need is the following below to complete this task.


Honey (beehives are everywhere)

Ghillie to get the honey safely

and patience


After getting what you need, you will need to find a roll rat. Bee hives are everywhere on Aberration in the mushroom forest. Roll Rat’s are not aggressive as long as you do not touch their gems.

Now lets get to the point.

How to Tame a Roll Rat

The roll rat will need to be followed like all passive tames, but this tame is quite different. When you get your honey in the last hot bar like your going to tame a passive tame. Here is what is different, you need to throw the honey at him when he burrows. The PC can press E on the burrow when they go in it to tame it with honey.

You can only tame the Roll rat with honey. When the roll rat goes into the burrow you have 5 seconds to through the honey. You will have to press RB – Then Your honey hotbar which will be Right directional button, it will throw the honey down and he/she will eat it. The honey can miss, so it can mess up your tame. Everytime the roll rat goes into burrow it has to eat or the taming will go down.

Pretty simple right?

What are roll rats used for in ark’s new DLC aberration? It’s a beaver on wheels that has the first saddle that has durability. He gets a lot of wood, but doesn’t crunch any materials.

Here is what he looks like with saddle and its a 3 person saddle.


If you want to see a Roll Rat being tamed on video, here is my resent video on the subject.

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