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Ark Survival evolved – Breeding Tips and More

Ark Survival evolved – Breeding Tips and More

These methods are for Regular official servers, not for Primitive plus or Primitive. I am currently working on a Prim plus server and will give you details on how to master the breeding on those servers.

Breeding your tames takes a lot of prep time and planning. It’a a lot like real life baby planning! Do you have enough diapers (meat), gas in the generator and if you are ready to spend time on the baby. You will need to make sure you plan ahead of time and make sure you are ready to breed the Dino, because depending on what it is it will take a few hours.  I decided to make this post to give you some of my Breeding Tips and More. If you are solo tribe, their is hope still, don’t throw yourself out of the loop, I do this solo. My wife helps, but she is on the same sleeping schedule as me..

The Hatching Room 

The hatching room should be 15 airs conditions if you plan on breeding every type of Dino for Ark. You will need to place the egg over the airs, so putting metal roof or stone over the airs works. I set the airs directly on the stone/metal roof, so when they hatch, they don’t get stuck in the airs.

As for the room, always enclose it due to people stealing your eggs. Both PVP and PVE this should be done. I have my breeding room up in the air in a metal/stone room. Make sure you have plenty of gas with fridges outside the room.  I use 8 fridges due to the low spawn. Spawn is now fixed now, so 3 or 5 Fridges should be fine. When your baby hatches, you will need to pull it into a bigger room. You don’t want a REX growing up in a small room…

Things that can happen when hatching your little furry or scaly friend.

Fall through the ground. ( Always move them or they can get stuck in the ground. Happens a lot with spino’s.

Be mindful of how much room you need for each baby. Wyverns and spinos take up a lot of room. So do Giga’s.

If something attacks nearby they will run, so always make sure they are secure in a room or in a base.

PVP – People will snipe them. Beware. Trolls can be trolls, but that’s PVP.

When they hatch, make sure you feed them or they die. USE dododex app to calculate how long the hand feeding will be before they can eat out of a feed bin.

PREPPING the Baby room. 

You will need 3 or more feeding bins. Each bin before you go to bed, needs to be filled with 20 stacks of meat. Each stack of 20 will have 40 minutes before 1 meat spoils. So you will need to multiple 20x 40 and that’s how much time you will have before you need to refill the bin again. The time before total spoil 800 minutes.

You should think about having a safety net. The safety net is one through of backup meat that has longer spoil timers. Such as cooked meat it has a spoil timer of 1 hr 20 mins.

What I do is make a bunch of dodo kibble and put 5 stacks plus full bin of Cooked meat. (Updated 6/15/2017 Kibble is now eaten first over any other food, besides fish meat…)


Spoil times for each meat:

Feeding bin

Raw Meat 40 minutes

Cooked 1 HR 20 Min

Raw Fish 1HR 20 Min (lower food value)

Cooked Fish 2hrs

Kibble 12 days

Cooked meat Jerky 8 days (You should also add a stack of 30 in the feeding bin.)

If you plan on spending more then 8 hours out (like if your internet cuts off or you lose power) You will need to have 4 bins. Each of the follow bins need to be filled with…

If you are raising more then one dino, you will need to double the cooked meat and cooked fish meat by 2. That means 2 bins of cooked meat and 2 bins of cooked fish meat.

  • Bin 1 Raw Meat! 8 hour total timer of all meat spoiled.
  • Bin 2 Raw Fish meat – They will eat this first but has a longer spoil timer. Entire troth 24 hours if not eaten all the way.
  • Bin 3 Cooked meat – Objective is to get the Raw fish ate first, so the cooked meat doesn’t get eaten. 24 hours another saftey net.
  • Bin 4 Cooked fish meat 48 hour timer. This is the best safety net. Lower food value, but the object is to make the spoil timer last so the tame doesn’t starve….

This method saved my 3 gigas and baby Quetz recently due to a 34 GB update for 3 consoles…

You will miss out on Imprinting! So do this only if you don’t mind losing some stats.

After the Baby is born….

It’s now hatched and needs to be put in bigger room. They get big fast depending on the dino. You can leave the baby for a short time after it’s holding a few stacks of raw meat or berries. Berry tames are easier and hold more, depending on the dino. For soloing a giga, you can leave it alone within the 18 hours to catch some sleep as long as you are the only one in your tribe or the others are logged out. Tames go into a stasis mode when everyone is offline. I know this for a fact, because I was raising 3 spinos during a storm that took power out for 7 hours and it was 4 hours after hatched and it lived with plenty of stacks of meat left over. This wasn’t during any special breeding events either.


Once the Dino is juvenile… 

If you have a tribe :

Always have them check the feeding bins and make sure they are stacked to 20 every few hours. Pretty much smooth sailing once the baby stage is done if you have a good tribe.

Soling tribes:

Step 1: Fill one bin with cooked meat

Step 2: Fill the Dino with meat

Step 3: Fill 3 or 4 fridges

Step 4: (optional) 5 stacks of dodo kibble and 3 stacks of prime. It’s overdoing it, but for more then one dino raising it’s needed. Giga’s and quetz eat a lot so, mainly use this method for them and some of the new dinos.

Step 5: Optional – 1 bin of Cooked meat and cooked fish. We recently had a update of 34 gb for the X box one. I was raising giga’s and Quetz’s and they all lived. This was a 16 hour time.


Floating (Update they fixed floating, no longer works or does slow offline feeding for solo tribes.)

Floating your babies will stop their speed on eating, but at the same time they will still grow. Floating is for ground tames only, flyers is about trapping them in mid flight.. I’m sure they will change this in the future, but it helps with raising gigas. The giga’s will get big, so they need a lot of water.


Example below.


I hope these methods work for you, because this is what I do and I solo everything. So far it’s worked for every Dino I raised. Always do what you can handle and don’t forget to do real life… Life is short. Stay tune for the next post.

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