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Ark Survival Evolve – Unlocking Giga Bone skin, Bronto Bone Skin and more

Ark Survival Evolve – Unlocking Giga Bone skin, Bronto Bone Skin and more

Updated 7/2/2017 – Unlock the Clown mask, Dodo Wyvern mask and Dodo Rex Wyvern mask by doing the Tech cave on Volcano. Do all 3 in single player and it will unlock these mask.

Watch our video on How to get the Giga Bionic Skin for Xbox one Ark Survival Evolve

After recent patches I noticed after my character died, I had bone skins in my inventory. Even birthday suits and the bunny costume. So I did some thinking and thought, it’s all because I found so many explorer notes on the island. I don’t have them all so I went and found more. I’ve been unlocking most of the skins for all of ark by finding these notes and dossiers. The problem is it by percentage of found or is it by finding certain ones. I have noticed they were unlocked after finding more and more each time. So get them all on the Island and you should unlock all the Giga Bone skins and more. I’m almost finished, I have to get the ones in the cave.

Here is some source links to help you find these explorer notes and dossiars. It seems the more I unlock the more skins I unlock. The creators haven’t even said anything about this. Just passing the word.

You can do this on single player due to other players killing you or lag. Bases can also block the notes and dossiars. Plus its faster on Single player.

Console commands.

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