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Ark Survival Evolve How to Tame the new Megatherium, Breeding information and more

Ark Survival Evolve How to Tame the new Megatherium, Breeding information and more  Updated! 11/12/2017


The new man sloth is out and it’s huge. This tame is a must have for all ark players. So what does this tame do that makes him so helpful? The Megatherium collects almost about everything besides fish meat. They are known as the chitin/keratin gathers, even though they don’t collect Keratin that good compared to chitin. Basically they collect over 100/200 chitin per scorpion on a non-xp event day.


Ark Survival Evolve How to Tame the new Megatherium

Pros about this tame!

They can be tamed with mutton and they have the same tame level as a maxed 150 kibble tamed. I tamed both my male and female at 135 and 145. The 135 came out at 215 and the other was 200. They changed mutton taming since this post! Honey is the way to go.

They can also be tamed with honey!!! Much better then mutton.

They collect tons of chitin that will help you with cp troubles or making some of those awesome ascendant saddles.

They collect berries and fiber. They are practically a huge direbear but slow and weaker.

They can be leveled in health and melee. I have my health up to 11k and 400% melee. They can easily be in the 20k health bracket but need to have at least 300 percent melee for chitin gathering.

They get a bug buff for damage when killing insects. That buffs his attacks for killing other dino’s.

They are perfect for starter tames because they do not take long to tame.

Thatch is easily collected for this tame, not as good as the Wooly Rhino though.

He eats meat and berries which makes it easy breeding tame, but long.


Con’s about this Tame!

Hard to find scorpions to farm. Carno Island is one of the only places to find many scorpions. He doesn’t fit in the chitin cave or any other caves. He is too big for the swamp cave and more. He is more a Scorch earth tame or center tame. Half burnt island is good for this tame or lava island. The desert for scorch earth. Watch out for deathworms though.

He is slow –

Baby times can be long for this tame – As of now 6/16/2017 dodorex doesn’t have breeding information or times. The ark app does have information, but is wrong. It’s not a 4 hour pregnancy time.

They cannot attack underwater.  They can no attack underwater.


How to Tame this creature.

You can pick the tame up and put it in a taming pin with a Wyvern or quetzal. They are easily taken down by trang arrows. I used Tranq darts to make sure I didn’t kill mine. If you are on PVE, you can trap them on the boat. They are aggressive when they get shot or hit. A perfect 150 will take over 50-60 tranq darts depending on the melee on your rifle.


Where to find this Dino?

You can find them in the cold regions and the Red Woods. You can find them on the north shoreline for pve players that need to trap them on boat. PVP pick them up at almost any cold region or red woods.


What you will need to tame this creature.

  • Tranq darts (Tranq arrows, but don’t kill it)
  • Mutton – Do not use kibble, same as mutton. You can find the sheep in the north regions or anywhere. They are kind of random locations I’ve noticed.
  • Some Narcotics – if you use mutton 10 narco bowls needed. Use dodorex for more information.


Baby Breeding times –


This is a rough estimate of what times the baby will be.

It’s not 4 hours like the ark app said. I started the pregnancy at 11:30 pm, at 2:00 am it was only at 45%. So it’s more an 8 hour pregnancy or more. I will update this section when dodorex decides to update its information.

The saddle can be learned at level 24 and it takes little 55 ingots to make. Once you tame this guy you will have no problems with chitin. You can CP farm and do it in style. Still doesn’t compare to the cp you get from a frog in the swamp cave.


If anyone has any questions, comment below.

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