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Ark Survival Evolve How to tame an Angler without killing it?

Ark Survival Evolve How to tame an Angler without killing it?

The angler has been out since the beginning of ark, but until now its uses have been pretty much just an underwater speed tame with a light. They now collect huge amounts of pearls. I will have a video of the 145 kibble tamed angler collecting 200 to 300 pearls at one time. They are very useful now, but they are hard to knock out without killing them. This was during the 3x gather event over the holidays. So roughly 130 -150 depending on the level of your angler.

What you will need.

  • Tranq arrows and low damage crossbow.
  • Narcotics, they have fast torpor. Take 300 in case or kill some jelly fish for bio-toxin.
  • 4 or more tanks depending on the quality of the tanks.
  • Kariuku kibble
  • Scuba set, you need flippers to chase the Angler


Anglers can be found in the deep waters. Easy to find, but high levels may be hard. Kill all the spawn around the Angler or have the angler chase you to the deep line. The angler will not follow you beyond the deep line. Just like a mosa or plesy, they don’t follow you to the surface. Use this line to tame your angler. The Angler will run away when it starts getting to the point he is about to be knocked out by your Tranqs.

How do you knock this tame out without killing it?

Once you pull the angler to the deep line, you will need to start knocking it out but you will need to do it slowly. I know most tames the objective is to shoot them fast, but this one will die if you do that. You will need to take breaks in between shooting the angler. Also, do not use a high damage crossbow unless you time it right. You will kill it. A magnifying glass is useful for this tame.


Anglers do hit hard and can break scuba. Their easy to tame, but have long tame times even on quick taming events. Always use a helpful underwater tame to keep spawn from killing your angler when you get it down.


Once it’s tamed you have the ultimate fish that gathers pearls. They are weak and can’t take mosa’s and plesy’s without a little of running away and coming back action. They have a low health pool and no saddle, so no armor.


Hope you this helps you tame your angler.

Some images of the 145 angler I tamed a few months ago.

How to tame an Angler

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