5 Ark Survival Evolve Tames to Use to make Breeding more easier

5 Ark Survival Evolve Tames to Use to make Breeding more easier

Your about to start breeding and you need to ease the suffering of gathering what you need. Berry tames are the easiest, but meat tames can be more difficult because of spoil timers. So what are these great tames to have to help make breeding more easier?


5. The Giga! Giganotosaurus

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This tame is the best for gathering meat within minutes. With my Giga I can fill 10 fridges within 30 minutes.  The only problem with this tame is that it gets full fast. So you should have a friend or another tame following you with good carry weight tame to carry your meat.

How to Tame a Giga

4. DireBear

A multiple used tame that gathers, both fiber, berries and meat. It doesn’t do as good as the giga with obtaining a lot of meat in a few minutes, but it can carry more then the giga. They’re very good at gathering berries and will help you make it easy for you to breed berry dino’s.

How to Tame a DireBear (Link coming soon)

3. Pelican Pelagornis

You might think what the? Well, a pelagornis is very good at getting fish meat. Some tames only eat fish meat. There is also a longer spoil time on fish meat. They just eat it more and it’s a lower value then meat. The only problem is that you need to know is that other tames will eat the fish meat, so its best to keep tamed dino’s away from babies. Cooked fish and raw fish is a good safety net for breeding. Pelagonris also can fly, the baryonyx is another good tame for fish, but its not a flyer.

Read our page on Breeding tips

How to tame a Pelagornis (Link coming soon)

2. Wyvern

The wyvern can be useful for fast meat gathering and going places that haven’t been farmed before. People that played ark before the fix would understand what I mean. The dinos wouldn’t spawn due to the over population of the servers. That means more people on the server, the less dino’s spawned. They fixed it now, but if your on a busy server like I am, then you will need to prepare for meat ahead of time. Either way you should do that, but wyverns make it easier on you.

Wyvern breeding post!

1.  Bronto Brontosaurus

Yes, the slowest tame in the world! The only problem is that it’s the best darn berry tame to get berries! My baby bronto raised gets so many berries and it kills everything! The bronto is perfect for getting berries all over the island and the center. Only problem is the random giga’s. Brontos are helpful for berry tames, you can also have a bronto platform and the baby on top of the bronto!

How to tame a Bronto (Link coming soon)

Hope you like this post. If you have a Dino that helps you with breeding that I didn’t mention, please put it in the comments!


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